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Amphibian Kit Airplane

Price: (4 bids)     $2,550
Time Left: 7 h, 3 min    (Feb 19, 2018 03:00:49 UTC)
Condition: Used
Location: 87532, Espanola, New Mexico

Seller's Notes:

Up for sale again due to a non paying bidder/scammer. Please do not bid if you don't intend to pay as it wastes both my time and yours. This is an Adventure Air Adventurer 333 quick build kit. The first 2 photos are a flying example, the rest are of the actual kit that you are bidding on. It is a 4 seat fiberglass amphibian in which the engine is mounted on a pylon above the fuselage. It was designed to use a Chevy 350 engine, but could also use a similar power aircraft engine. It is in need of someone to complete it who can do some fiberglass work as the horizontal tail and flaps still needs to be built. The fiberglass fabric for these surfaces is cut and boxed up,however. The controls will need to be rigged and then the wings covered with fabric system of your choice and then painted. I have the manuals, blueprints and videos of the factory demonstrator flying that will be included in the sale. There is quite a bit of miscellaneous hardware,etc. that is included as well. Not included are engine, propeller, instruments and electronics, wheels, wiring. This is just the basic airframe along with quite few parts to finish it off. The original purchase price for this kit was 32k and I have alot invested into it myself. I've just lost interest in it due to lack of time, experience, and a lack of much water where I live as you can see in the pictures. Feel free to call and ask questions if you have any. 505-929-4179 Buyer is responsible for pickup and shipping and I also require a...

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Location: 87532, Espanola, New Mexico