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Price: (1 bids)     $20,000
Time Left:    (Sep 29, 2013 20:01:25 UTC)
Make: Dodge
Model: Ram 2500
Body type: Pickup Truck
Condition: Used
Mileage: 128356
Engine: 5.9 Cummins Ho Diesel
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Black
Fuel type: Diesel
Location: 83801, Athol, Idaho
VIN Report:

Seller's Notes:

This truck is the ultimate for Dodge and off-road enthusiasts. It is truly unique and has been engineered to be unstoppable. I have driven and towed using it in all kinds of conditions (several feet of snow, mud, rocks, ice) and it has never been stuck. It has only actually been off road a handful of times and mostly has been used for commuting and lumber yard runs. I bought it as a stock truck and had all of the following modifications professionally done. I have personally driven this truck over 2000 miles without refueling on a road trip, just to prove I could. It has had over $140k invested in it, and it kills me to sell it. I intended on keeping it forever, but we are trying to come up with a down payment for a house. So, I unfortunately need to part ways with it. It has been maintained by the dealer under extended warranties until this year and has no known problems. According to Banks, it puts out just under 500HP and 900 Torque when the Power PDA is cranked up to max setting (SL). I have never dynoed it, but it is very fast and I will have to take Bank's word for it. However, for best fuel mileage, I keep it tuned down to the Power PDA setting of 4 and it gets low to mid 20 - 25 MPG if driven nice. The KluneV underdrive gives it an amazingly low, low-range if engaged. It acts as a 4 to 1 splitter and if engaged in 4 Low, the vehicle has an aggregated low range of 16 to 1 from the transmission and top speed is about 8MPH. If engaged in high-range, it acts as a 2 low, w...

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Location: 83801, Athol, Idaho