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Car Motorcycle Clutch Brake Bleeder Hose One Way Valve Tube Bleeding Tool Kit US Autopartszone IntroductionWe are committed to presenting high-quality products to buyers and selling them at the most favorable price. Excellent after-sales service will escort your purchase. CLICK HERE for GETTING IT NOW: Item DescriptionAutopartszone Car Motorcycle Clutch Brake Bleeder Hose One Way Valve Tube Bleeding Tool Kit USThis item is little bleeder - motorcycle brake bleeding kit. Bleed motorcycle brakes quickly and easily with the Little Bleeder. Internal valve prevents air being drawn into the system. Easy to use - simply connect and pump. Aluminium body to resist corrosion from brake fluid; unscrews for easy cleaning. Complete with rubber tubing. Features:Overall tube length: 500 mm/19.7" Valve length: 53 mm/2.09" Oil inlet pipe inner diameter: 4 mm/0.16", outer diameter: 6 mm/0.24"; length: 150 mm/5.91" Outlet pipe inner diameter: 5 mm/0.20", outer diameter: 8 mm/0.31"; length: 350 mm/13.8" SpecificationsCondition:100% Brand New Warranty: 90 DayMaterial: Aluminum and Rubber Color:As pictures show Use Tips1. Prepare a container(bottle/cup/bucket is ok) to collect the brake fluid flushed out. 2. Open the bleed nipple of the caliper/wheel cylinders. 3. Connect the bleed nipple with one end of the hose and secure with hose clip. 4. Loose the brake bleeder screw a little, and then start to slowly pump with the brake lever/pedal. 5. Check the flushed fluid state until no bubbles in the line and the color has been from dark to clean as the new brake fluid. 6. Check the fluid level is appropriate in the master cylinder. 7. Ensure to shut the bleed nipple securely, close the master cylinder and take off the hose. 8. Check and ensure the brake lever/pedal operates ok. Fitment Universal Package Included1 Pc Brake Bleeder Tool Kit (As pictures show) May like(Click on the picture or click on the link to purchase) FAQ: I purchased by mistake, how do I cancel the order? Please contact us ASAP. If the item has not been shipped out we can cancel the order for you. If the item was shipped out you can refuse the package and wait for the item to return to us. I received your item but it does not fit or is defective Please contact us so we can assist you on the matter. Buy with confidence Our quality is based on meeting the requirements of the manufacturer and improvement them in design problems manufactur...

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Location: Chino, California