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Condition: Used
Location: 27705, Durham, North Carolina
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A Scooter And A Sob Story...Yes, this scooter is a princess.For the stats, go directly to the next paragraph - but here's the sob story first: This August, I was diagnosed with MS, so it was bye-bye motorcycle for me. A dear friend, mechanic & bike enthusiast, got his hands on a 2004 Honda Metropolitan II, in hopes I would not have to give up riding completely. He went over every single part to ensure it would be in like-new condition and the scooter at its safest and best to perform. By the time he presented me with this amazing gift though, my condition has come to a point, where even riding a princess-worthy scooter is out of the question. Instead of selling the vehicle, he insisted I sell it to help with the medical bills. So here we are, with a tear in our eyes... Stats:Every bit and piece has been cleaned and checked/replaced as needed. The scooter has all its original parts, except for the carburetor, which is rebuilt. There is a small crack on the right, which has been attended to with a fiber re-inforced patch. I will be happy to answer any SERIOUS questions and/or requests, feel free to contact me with any question regarding the scooter - I will have detailed answers.For general stats consult: miles - and ready to go 500 and 500 and 500... more with YOU....

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Location: 27705, Durham, North Carolina